General explanations about production and shipping:

Direct sales

Those who visit us can purchase clematis all year round. Clematis are ready on sales tables. Here you will always find a wide selection. What is not currently on sale is brought in from the production greenhouses in a matter of minutes. Consequently, you do not have to wait long or even register! For special varieties and rarities it is advisable briefly tel. or by e-mail to ask if the varieties are currently in stock. In addition to clematis, we also have some current season plants and, of course, the accessories for you.


We ship basically all year round! There are two limitations. In the winter months during periods of severe frost and in midsummer when there are periods of heat. The shipment is carried out with DHL. Every customer who has provided an e-mail address will be sent the history of his shipment. (Shipment code / package number for tracking).

Delivery times

Are kept as short as possible. All orders are processed in sequence and delivered as requested. The usual delivery time is 2-5 business days. In the peak season of April and May, slightly longer delivery times may be necessary. Order in time or specify your “desired date in calendar week xx”).


There are innovations in our packaging. In order to pack and ship even more efficiently than before, we decided to create our own “Clematis box”. Transport damage should then be as good as impossible. The situation around the “used cartons” has become visibly more difficult and has caused us to make this cut! Furthermore, no packaging costs will be charged. The clematis are still packed “lying” in the box. This has worked well and needs no change!

Quality and size

Clematis are very diverse in growth characteristics and this is reflected in the delivery size. As a rule, climbing clematis are delivered in 60-85 cm in length and two-shoot – three-shoot. A few special varieties can also be supplied single-shoot. Many perennial clematis are much shorter and are shipped according to the culture process. 30-60 cm. Thus, in early spring, perennial clematis and many clematis texensis are “nothing to see yet.” They basically always sprout anew from the ground! No reason for a premature complaint. (Is an unchangeable botanical characteristic).

Healthy and wilt-free clematis are a matter of course for us!

The pot size is 14 x 18 cm (2 liter container).

Environmental protection

Clematis culture
Cultivation with peat-reduced substrate
Use of beneficial insects

We have been using peat-reduced substrate to grow our clematis for several years now. We basically use only one main rod and another small auxiliary rod, not three rods. We do not consider three rods to be ecological, because high transport costs from East Asia speak against it. The labels on the plants are minimized and not overly large! Too much plastic waste is the keyword. In production, only reusable containers are used for growing the seedlings. Irrigation of the crops is extremely efficient, water-saving and environmentally friendly via our accumulation method. The water in the crops does not pollute groundwater or neighboring surface waters or ditches.

In seedling cultivation, pests are controlled ecologically with beneficial insects. Throughout the crop, optimal growing conditions ensure that chemical pesticides can be kept to a minimum. Numerous bees and bumblebees are proof of this.