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  • Climbing and climbing aids for clematis
    Here are some tips on how to present clematis in the best possible light, which I would like to share with my customers and visitors to my website. Most clematis are climbing plants, that is well known. How can I contribute to optimization and avoid mistakes in the design from the outset? Clematis cling to… Read more: Climbing and climbing aids for clematis
  • Planting clematis
    The basics of planting clematis so that you can enjoy them for a long time. Clematis can be planted all year round as long as the ground is not completely frozen. The best time to plant clematis in the garden is August to October. This is directly related to the annual rhythm, root formation and… Read more: Planting clematis
  • Propagation of clematis
    Propagation by sowing Sowing is a classic example of how to propagate clematis. Many botanical clematis species can be propagated by sowing. Germination takes very different times and can be between 3 weeks and up to 14 months, because some clematis are cold germinators (frost germinators). When sowing, it is genetically determined that the seedlings… Read more: Propagation of clematis
  • Clematis diseases and pests
    What diseases and pests can occur in clematis? Clematis diseases Clematis wilt = Phoma Clematidina (former name Ascochyta Clematidina) The No.1 topic in the cultivation of clematis. All clematis can be affected, but mainly large-flowered hybrids can perish. In the case of small-flowered species, there is usually only a latent infection that is hardly noticed.… Read more: Clematis diseases and pests
  • Clematis pruning recommendations
    Pruning is an important topic for the successful cultivation of clematis! Regardless of the planting date or the later flowering date, you should carry out a so-called “pruning”. The newly planted clematis should be cut back approx. 20-30 cm above the ground in November or December of the year of planting. In the case of… Read more: Clematis pruning recommendations
  • Fertilizing clematis
    The question of the correct fertilization of clematis is often asked. The fertilizers in use today are more varied than ever before! Which fertilizer is used is a matter of opinion. What are the main differences between mineral fertilizers, stored fertilizers, slow-release fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, nutrient salts, mixed organic/mineral fertilizers, organic fertilizers, vegan fertilizers, organic… Read more: Fertilizing clematis