Dates and lectures

Dates 2023

Spring Dreams Harkotten Castle (New!) March 24-26, 2023
Spring Magic Ludwigslust Castle (New!) 14-16 April 2023
Open Air Museum at the Kiekeberg April 22-23, 2023
Park of gardens (Bad Zwischenahn) – May 1, 2023
Garden magic Hof Bissenbrook (Großenaspe b.Neumünster) May 5-7, 2023
Hanover Plant Days 13-14 May 2023
Geranium market Kellinghusen May 21 2023
Rhododendron Park Bremen 20-21 May 2023
Park & Garden Stockseehof June 8-11, 2023

Open Air Museum at the Kiekeberg August 26-27, 2023
Garden magic Hof Bissenbrook (Großenaspe b.Neumünster) September 9-10, 2023
Park of Gardens Autumn Market (Bad Zwischenahn) – October 3, 2023


Lecture at the association Roseninsel Park Wilhelmshöhe e. V. / Kasseler Rosenfreunde
20 January 2023 – 16.00 in Café Restaurant Prinzenquelle

Lecture at the Society of Friends of Perennials e.v. Regional Group Weser/Ems
February 12, 2023 – 3 pm at Jaspershof in Westerstede, address: Zum Stiftungspark 27, in 26655 Westerstede

We are happy to welcome groups of visitors up to 50 people in our show garden with advance notice.

Radio podcast of “My beautiful garden” – is available from June 2023

There have been very popular plant markets and garden festivals all over Germany for many years.

For any garden owner, such an event is “a curse and a blessing” at the same time. First, there is a huge selection of plants and garden accessories that is overwhelming. On the other hand, priorities must also be set because there are, of course, limits in every respect.

To each of these events, we basically bring a large selection of clematis, which runs through the entire range. Of course, since most events take place in the summer months, you will get flowering clematis. Just looking at this variety is really worth it. Our expert staff will be at your disposal at all events.

Pick up service

Since we cannot bring our entire assortment to the events, you have the option of ordering your clematis wishes from us in advance by phone. We will be happy to bring pre-ordered plants to the respective events. This offer is completely without obligation for you and assures you that the desired plants are on site, where they can be picked up by you.