About us

Dear garden friends, plant lovers and hobby gardeners, our nursery has existed for many years in Prisdorf on the Peiner Hof (by the golf course). Word has spread that clematis are our great specialty.

But did you know that we offer potted plants, current spring bloomers, summer flowers, garden perennials, small shrubs and bulbs all year round? It’s worth a visit to the nursery at the golf park in Prisdorf!

Today’s clematis specialist was founded in July 1953 by Friedrich Westphal Sr. in Quickborn, Pinneberg district. In the beginning, roses, conifers, heather, perennials and clematis were cultivated.

At first, a single-axle truck with trailer served as the means of transport. During this period, everything was sold through the weekly markets. During the fifties and sixties the weekly markets had very great importance for the supply of the population with all articles of daily use. Supermarkets and shopping palaces as we know them today did not exist back then.
In the following period, however, the weekly markets were then completely abandoned.

Clematis specialty company

The company moved from Quickborn to Prisdorf in 1978 and is managed there by the current owner Friedrich Manfred Westphal. Idyllically situated on the outskirts between Prisdorf and Pinneberg is the Peiner Hof. This former estate was converted into an 18-hole golf course ” Golfpark Peiner Hof “in the 80s. Part even then was the attached nursery, until today.

Our plant in Prisdorf has been constantly expanded over the last 20 years and produces approximately 100,000 clematis in over 400 varieties annually. 6 Permanent employees are part of the permanent staff. 2 additional seasonal workers are employed during the spring and summer months. The nursery underwent constant change over the decades. Thus, the company was initially run as a nursery, later it became a nursery for ornamental plants, and only in the 80s it was completely specialized in clematis. In the following years began the great passion for collecting clematis varieties. To this day, we are constantly looking for new varieties and also grow them ourselves. The focus is on enrichments in the assortment that have a high ornamental value and are particularly healthy.

Show garden

The above-mentioned large assortment offers a suitable clematis for every garden situation, no matter how large or small the garden is. Visitors are offered an overwhelming range of clematis all year round. This makes it difficult for some customers to choose.
In the production greenhouses, all clematis grow from seedlings to finished flowering plants. We are very proud to have everything in one hand, from production to sales. The current sales greenhouse was built in 2000. Directly adjacent is a clematis show garden, which is in bloom from June to September / October. Here are shown numerous examples of planting for use in practice. Whether “clematis beginner” or “clematis connoisseur” everyone can “take away” something from this show garden for themselves.

Color catalogs and variety lists underline the competence as a specialist company. The customer can buy on site or have the clematis shipped to them.

With us on site

Portal example
Different heights of the obelisks

In addition to hundreds of clematis, you will also receive the necessary tools for clematis such as, special substrate, fertilizer and climbing aids. Obelisks and portals are manufactured in-house. Custom-made products according to your wishes are possible. Our obelisks are stable, functional and without a lot of “frills”! The portals replace rose arches and can be used individually, height-adjusted and flexibly. Entire arcades can be created.


Other shopping opportunities, are the garden festivals and plant markets that have existed throughout Germany for years. A shopping experience is guaranteed. Every garden lover will find something here. You can buy here everything that the gardener’s heart desires, from the smallest garden perennial to the highest quality plants. Of course, other products and accessories for the garden are not missing.